The CornerstoneAS Difference

CornerstoneAS senior business professional approach turnaround and performance improvement in a manner fundamentally different than other firms:

  • We go beyond spreadsheet analysis or the quick deal, and find real operational solutions.
  • We address vendor, customer, and lender concerns to make them part of the solution, instead of viewing them as adversaries.
  • We work as a co-pilot with management, bringing clarity to complex business problems and finding the fastest possible path to the result the client seeks.

CornerstoneAS is fundamentally different than other turnaround company. Recognizing that clients are not interested in voluminous analyses by MBA’s and CPA’s with minimal real world experience, CornerstoneAS is composed of experienced business managers who have spent their careers finding reality-based solutions, not working as consultants. The CornerstoneAS approach arises naturally from its professionals’ experience – they have been owners and CEOs, they have been in the hotseat, they understand how to lead and make a difference. The CornerstoneAS approach is business-based and reality-driven, not a theoretical, boilerplate consulting approach divorced from real world realities.